Renew your expired Rx with Visibly

Take this quick vision test to see if you’re eligible for an updated prescription in minutes!

Here's How It Works

Take The Test

  • Share your eye health history
  • Share your current prescription
  • Get to 10 feet and tell us what you see (just like at the doctor’s!)

Receive Your New Rx

  • Submit your vision test results
  • A certified doctor will review your results
  • Receive new Rx in your email within 24 hours

See Visibly

  • Opternative will automatically receive your renewed prescription from the doctor
  • Your order is finalized and shipped right to your door

Here's What You'll Need

Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer

No app needed! Take the test right from your device.

10 Feet of Space

Back it up! Stand around 10 feet from your screen so we can accurately measure your vision.

Most Recent Prescription

Come prepared! Have your previous prescription on hand.